The Biggest Responsibility For Any Personal Brand

I received a great question on Instagram DM the other day and thought it was a good idea for me to address here.

The question was, “Kevin, I’m staying consistent with posting online but I feel like I’m not making any progress because my posts don’t get any engagement. What am I doing wrong?”

When I get this question, it’s a sign of a person being “online but off track.”

I know for some of us posting content more than once a day is a task within itself but what if you’re posting the WRONG content consistently?

What’s going to happen to your sales?

What’s going to happen to your personal brand’s reputation or perception?

I’ve seen people spend a year building a social media account whether it be a YouTube channel or an Instagram account to only look back to say, ”Oh damn, none of this content is relevant to the people I truly want to serve.”

Being online but off track is a very slippery slope.

When you’re messaging is off and your brand identity isn’t resonating with your ideal audience, the cost of missed opportunity goes through the roof.

The biggest responsibility for any personal brand that wants to position itself as a subject matter expert is to become crystal clear with their messaging.

We also want to ask ourselves, “What do I want to be known for?”

Without defining that, we’re screwed!

When you get your branding right, you’ll start to see that consistent revenue start to pour in.

When you have a strategy in place, that overwhelming feeling of “What the hell am I doing wrong?” will diminish.

When you start dialing in your message and negating all the conflicting information you’re hearing from 1000 different, you’ll start building a deeper connection with your audience.

When you start saving time and begin to start focusing on the things that matter most in your business (and life), you’ll start to see a huge shift.

Your online presence will be on track and will have a much more impactful feel to it.

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