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    October 20, 2019 at 10:01 AM

    CrownLion FaceCrown

    Happy Sunday Everyone!

    You will notice that Legacy Brand Network is very new and will be growing everyday.

    We are adding and enhancing the website everyday as well. So because of that we will Have Videos on all of those things.

    What I would like the Affiliates to know is that I will be adding (Beta) AUTOMATED AFFILIATE GROUPS, which means that:

    1. When you sign up, you automatically have a group created for you.

    2. When you sign someone up and THEY PAY (Not during trial – only after trial) they will automatically be added to your group.

    3. After they sign up with you – Now the affiliate gets their own group and they start the process at #1.

    This only a BETA, so we are testing this to make sure that when the affiliate pays that they actually put into your group Smiley

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