ALA Services Testimonial

“Bringing Convenience To The Way You Do Your Business”

In this short clip of an interview, business owner, Rachel Maryyanek, talks about why she refers other business owners to ALA Services.

Your business is a business, not a hobby. Many times small business owners have needs that aren’t met on a daily basis. ALA Services helps clients outsource tasks that are essential to your small business. You might not necessarily have the time or skill to do yourself, so that’s where ALA Services can help. By helping you come up with a hiring game plan, we’re adding convenience to your business in order for you to be prosperous in your business and live your life on your own terms.

ALA Services is an outsourcing company that consults with small business owners to find the professionals they need to fill in the gaps of their business. The company has developed a process to unveil needs within an office for a President/owner of a business. Once the needs are discovered, ALA Services has a 1-2 hour consultative approach to developing a solution and game plan.

* ALA Services consults with Business Owners to set up a Game Plan for hiring qualified professionals

* Setting up employer profiles on hiring sites such as Indeed

* Creating job postings/content for the Business Owner

* Screening & sorting through resumes of applicants to find qualified candidates

* Scheduling and conducting interviews with qualified candidates, communicating results to Business Owners

* Submitting recommendations of the top candidates to Business Owners and assisting in final decision for hire

* Initial training and transitioning for newly hired professionals

* Ongoing consultation with Business Owners for resources and/or future hiring needs.

Contact us at 508-320-2566 and email:

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